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The Poetry Verse series is now online. New video poems dropping every week! Subscribe on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Clapper or Likee. 

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Donihue's ambitious new feature film The Reality Editor is completed and will be streaming in 2024! This one-of-a-kind wild ride into the mind of a television editor on the run for his life is the first and only feature film made entirely in post-production. No shooting. No animation. No actors were cast. Yet it is one of the most compelling pictures you have ever seen. And guess what? You can see the trailer here!


Yet news for October 2023 doesn't stop there friends! Our store is up and you can now get Donihue's poems on a variety of different cool products all brought to you by Slam Poetics!

"Unique and innovative ways to study and learn about humanity excites me... So do pretty pictures and blowing stuff up..." -dd 

I love telling stories with my work that no one else tells. I love making films where you have to guess the ending or where you really have no idea what could happen next. Sort of like life... 

I made my first film at age 11. I also, was a prolific backyard theater director at that time, charging .45 cents per ticket. This more than I have ever seen from distributers per ticket in my adult life, and while totally successful and blessed to be amongst the lucky few that makes what he wants and when he wants, I yearn for my early business model. If you have a backyard and free lemonade to reduce production costs, please let me know.

Dear friends, fans and newbies - welcome to my work. I make lots of things, like feature films (see Bang Bang Brokers on Amazon) and poems and do all sorts of experimental photography and video for fun. 

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Donihue takes time out of busy schedule for a pic with his biggest fan.

I believe the most entertaining stories are ones we learn from. Ones that tell us about how we work and how the world works and why. bonus points, if it has cool visual, explosions and a monkey. Having been creating since I was 11, I have yet to actually get a monkey in a film. It is one of my greatest short comings in the world of cinematic storytelling, and some day, I will correct this major void that glares me in the face everytime I view my own work.




On the set of CHECK THIS, a video believed to be the only piece of cinema made where a sumo fights a Luchador. If there is another example, let us know, we want to see it! 

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I love making action comedies with brains and thrillers with heart, always with my mind on a hook we've never seen.


The Bang Bang Brokers (2017 - See it on prime) is a fictional film I made about the housing collapse of 2008 - 2011. It followed the story of disgruntled kids from warring gangs who join forces to use street moves to sway a hedge fund. 


It was released in 2017/2018 yet despite its lack of ad campaign, still gets a lot of viewership. It is funny little picture for those who have seen it, yes, it was strange watching what happened with Game Stop, much of the film seems to vagually show, in retrospect, how life can imitate art.  Hard not to think of similularities in the themes that seem even more relevant now than ever when watching this film. It is a very different action comedy that I hope you rent and check out today! And if you really love me, you'll take a moment to rate it with love!

About the mini-movies

While every director lives for making features, for a good five year stretch I fell in love with making shorts. Like a man on a mission, I was going to convince all these labels to let me take stories I'd written of the years, turn them into mini-movies and serve them up as dance and pop music videos to millions of viewers. And guess what - it worked.

The story for A Lifetime Away I wrote about my Grandfather when I was 14. Sure, there were elements changed, but the idea remained the same. He was in WWII and we had these neighbors that were mormon missionaries. I had become friends with them even though their culture and religion was vastly different, we really bonded over our views of how this world needs to take better care of each other. They were the guys who would lead the adults into better behavior, seriously. 15 year olds correcting the grown ups around them. And I remember wondering if his wife had been tempted when he was gone for so long, and her being such a sassy person, what would it have been like if she met my neighbors when I was kid? What would have happened.


And well, I was 14, so every story I came up with had some 80's magical moment to it. The cinema I was raised on is still apparent even in my serious works today.

Nick Anton and his inner child in Age Of

HOLD ON is from the same era, and my favorite of the mini-movies. It tells in 80 year story in 4 minutes flat, leaving you wondering through out - what is in the old guys hand?

Getting a video as controversial as Take Me Home made is always a shot in the dark. We were blessed When Take Me Home debuted strong with 250,000 views for it's relatively unknown artists (outside of the dance scene that is) I had no idea it would later grow to over 5 million views on youetube alone. This short story was one that had also been dear to me, and was in development for years before I finally figured out how to convince someone, that the video would be amazing. And thanks to a great cast and crew, it is.

Patrick Kilpatrick and Anita Shimmins in

But that wasn't the only unlikely video made in the era, that produced great audiences and fervous emotional response. SOLDIER!  Soldier was a mini-movie that took some serious muscle to put together. i had been researching the topic and prepping the story for same time. When I found the perfect spot for, I went for it and it GOT MADE! Patrick Kilpatrick and Anita Simmons star in this story of a sex trafficking victim who launches a war against her former captors.

I have a new film coming out. More news shortly, yet here's the poster!

Basically, I've made a lot of stuff. Hundreds of cool little things and a few big ones. And you can see a lot of it right here,

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