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Grow old with me

I don’t know your face

I don’t know your name

But I know your heart

You want to change the world

You want to hold your lover

You want to speak of nothing but irreverence’s first thing in the morning

You want play an acoustic guitar on rainy afternoons

You want to listen to records together

You want to hold hands at all hours

Sit on my knees through most conversations

Power walk through the city

You want to pray with me

You want to pray for me

You want me to pray for you

Every day

You want to tell me everything that’s on your mind and heart

You want to feel your own spirit

You spend much time thinking good things about people

You love this world

You care about who it is to you

You care about who you are to it

You find scrabble romantic

You hear music when people talk

I feel music when you walk in the room

Your love is unswerving

Ruthless in it’s reach

And you one day

Have visions of grandchildren

Playing in our garden

As we celebrate the simplicity of life

Holding hands

In the garden

For the rest of time baby

For the rest of fucking time

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