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After the better part of a decade, I know you well dear town

At first sight you seemed shallow

But after time it was clear that survival equated the removal of wasteful thoughts


At first glance you seemed superficial

But after we kissed, I realized loving amongst such darkness required the mind to stay light


At first caress you seemed restless and unruly

And after we fucked, you were simply a bitch


But as our relationship grew more unsettling in both it’s passion and discomfort

My spirit grew more unswerving


You made me a man than knows who to appreciate life like a boy

You made me a patriot who defends your un-defendable sense of pride


You made me jaded

And that disposition gave way to instincts of new discovery


And while I realize there is no mastering you

There is a mastery to knowing you

And that mastery is knowing you are you

And we are we


And one doesn’t need to change the others components

Just it’s ways of response

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