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Of Faith

Of Fortitude

Of promise

Of whistfulness

Of love

Of mankind

Of gentleness

Of next summer

Of some mother fucker with a fistful of

Emotional algorithms auto collected from

the most insecure place within his cranium

and converted into soul crunching emotional manipulations

that he himself is unaware  are being levied through him and at us

Of that mother fucker



Of the lithium generation

Of the restless who grin at the weary

Of the guttertown patriots and poetically retarded intellectuals

Of her adventurous eyes and pop song heart

You were etched into my cerebral cortex before I was even born bitch

Etched. Simply etched

Of the substantial theoretical evidence that sovereignty includes 80’s hair metal

Of punching your own lights out

Of breaking down your own spirit

Of knowing such games are futile

Distractions from the good you can do in this world

Of coffee and nicotine

Of friendships and well intended rivalries

Of the corner at 5th and Broadway there next to the 7-11 where that pirate dude always yells arrrr

Of punk rock

Of tv shlock

Of warmth

Of love

Of life

Of joy

Of choosing the above

Of wishful thinking becoming concreted faith

Of daydreaming becoming reality projecting

Of insecure arrogance giving way to loving confidence

Of genuineness choosing it’s most loving versions of communication

Of sex with you

Of rolling clouds

And golden skies

Of fiery spirits

And steam engine minds

Of sex with you

Of sex with you

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