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Respected for his inventions

Feared in response to his documents

Loved in response to a hatred of the world

Denied in response to a hatred of the world

Praised so the vocalist may trust in something other than himself

Spited so the scribe can believe nothing is stronger than he

Sought after for emotional stability

Blamed for the actions of the emotionally unstable

Tested by those too fearful to measure themselves

Advocated by those looking to rebrand themselves with someone else’s purity

Desired by all in the heart yet admitted to by just a fraction

His hands stretch down through empty skies

Touching those whom allow

Caressing those who refuse to be made fools of by feeling it

And as his finger tips tingle with yearning for those whom he created

He screams when we feel pain

He smiles when we feel pleasure

He feels love when we receive him

And we feel at home, when we allow him to receive us

I have felt his arms late at night

I have felt his breath in the morning

His anger can be felt in the rumblings of man

Unearthing in confused ways that have little to do with the problems at hand

It moves through like molecules on a mission

Like energy thrashing the air

And as you stand in the valley of the shadow of depth

You see nothing but evil

You feel nothing but reactions

But then as you turn away from the analysis of the angry room

And stop battling the misprojected angers of the men who expect the world to be Godly

And mindlessly turn from their screeching and your reactions

And just feel his breath

His presence

The lack of words are the wisest ones you will ever hear

And the emotion that runs tandem, is reason enough to love in return

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