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SPONGE BOY (Poem by David N. Donihue)

Not a boy and far from a hardened man

A guy

Guys are known for being liked not respected

A guy

Whose personality takes on characteristics of what he is most around

As if never truly his own person

A sponge

Absorbing and displaying

Often the worst of fashion trends

The boy with the backwards baseball cap

The boy with the frosted tips

The boy with the ever changing buzz word lips


A reflection of the world around him in the most annoying of ways


The Sponge Boy

He tries too hard

The sad thing is, he’s not trying

He’s over absorbing and over releasing


It happens without his awareness

Without the worlds awareness


He looks just like a phony or a poseur


We hate him

Because he reflects at full force

What all of fear a portion of our beings is created from

We fear we are the sponge boy


Sponge Boy seems weaker

Seems owned by persuasion



And in the beginning, this is true


But as Sponge Boy matures past imitation and somehow makes it through absorption

The empath within emerges as the knowledge of many

What was once seen as weakness is later seen as a layered life

A man who has lived through and felt the thoughts and frequencies of many

A man whose words now resonate like bombs of understanding

Like explosions of relating


He is the man you call for prayer at 2 am

He is the man you tell about your abortion

He is the man you grab onto when others would never get it


The most dangerous threat to the dark hearts of the world

Is the Sponge has been surrounded with pain and love


For when that sponge releases everything he has collected

The moisture will cleanse the dirty wounds of everyone surrounding him

The dark hearts will be powerless without misery as a bonding mechanism

That draws others behind their cowardly anger

They slowly become the minority instead of the majority


Simply because Sponge Boy matured and released

The ripple effect hits hundreds

Three to four words fold tharknes

From block to block over weeks

Like a virus of wisdom

They spread


They crush disappointment

They crush discouragement

They crush mother fucking shame


He many never know he is blessed

They may never admit he did it

But he did

He released

Right when they were most thirsty

And for the first time

A mechanism of life

Seemed so perfect it had to be planned

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